3 Hour Mystery Valley Tour

     Mystery Valley is named for the many mysteries surrounding the Ancestral Puebloan Culture. Their settlement here over 1,000 years ago, is witnessed most in this area of Tribal Park in their ancient homes and pictographs and petroglyphs throughout. This tour is really about their Nizhoni Culture, Enjoy and Experience their ancient culture in what they have left behind.

    A Nizhoni area of beautiful Natural Arches also provide opportunities for short climbs (moderate/difficult levels) into and near arches, but not necessary to enjoy the beautiful sights. We are happy to accommodate Private and Non private touring.

*Note: 2 Adult persons minimum for Private Tours.

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Helpful info on tour terrain conditions/ Please be advised:

    We advise against enjoying a tour for those with back and/or neck conditions, as all our tour routes are dirt roads with bumps and ruts.  Due to the terrain of our routes, we are unable to accommodate women who are pregnant. Our guides drive the routes very slowly from (5) to (15) miles per hour.

We provide complimentary bottled water on our tours and you are welcome to bring your own, snacks, etc.

Guide Gratuity (tip): Gratuity is not included in tour costs, and is welcomed by your guide and can be given directly to your guide.